MVHCA Reference Resources

MVHCA Reference Resources

Created by Stan Taylor for MVHCA

Dr. Mike Huntington


Vlog Brothers Hank and John Green:

Bigger PizzasA Capitalist Case for Health Care Reform
The 1200% Increase in my Prescription Drug Costs (This Could Happen to You)
Why Are American Health Care Costs So High?

Medical Triage
 by Dr. Aaron Carroll  

The Health Care System of the United States
Canada's Health Care System explained
The Health Care System of France
Health Care in Germany
Health Care in Singapore
How We Pay for Obmacare: Health Care Triage
Obamacare and October 1st

Other Videos

450,000 Doctors cannot be wrong.
What makes a good society
Ted talks Supreme court and health care.
Liberty democracy, equity, and justice in healthcare_Leana Wen
Is our future Chinas?

Reports of Health Care
High cost and failure of Health Care US

21 graphs show America Health care cost                              
It is tme to get mad about the outrageous cost of health care by Consumer Reports
This $153,000 rattlesnake bite is everything wrong with American health care
Health Costs and results PBS news hour.
COMMONWEALTH FUND COMPARISON of 11 Countries including the US Health system efficiency and outcomes
Six out of every seven doctors agree: Our health care system does not work

Comparing Systems

 Delivering Health Care Models
     By the American Medical Student Association
     11 countries with descriptions, originally published 2008
Health Care in Canada WIKAPEDIA very detailed.

Health Care Reform

Fair Questions.Good Answers
8 Immediate Cost Benefits of Health Care Reform. quick reference.
60 things to know about health care reform
  How is the ACA financed?
The Case for Universal Health Care
Arguments Against Universal Health care in America and why they are wrong.
Snopes Response to a chain e-mail about Canadian health care system that has many myths
     only available on line
Medical underwriting and the uninsurable
     Note: since the passage of the ACA this is much less of a problem; but if the ACA is repealed there will be millions of uninsurable citizens.